Start of Season Delayed!
by posted 03/13/2020

dated 3/13/2020

Good Afternoon YSLC Families,

I know you have been waiting to get an update from our Club.  I have had so many communications coming in, it's been hard to keep up with them all.  With the exception of the actual email communication from our district, I believe most have responded so that I can get this out to you.  Thank you for your patience!

Just as fast as the season was about to begin...that fast, we are now putting it on hold.  As we all continue to navigate through this coronavirus (COVID-19), the York Suburban Lacrosse Club is going to follow the lead of the York Suburban School District and cancel all practices until Sunday, March 29th.  This will start effective tomorrow, March 14th.

We are putting the safety and well being of our players and families first with this decision.  


The YGL President did release a statement announcing that the first 3 weeks (3/15 to 3/29) of the season will be postponed.  It is uncertain at this time whether these games will be able to be re-scheduled due to scheduling constraints.  A follow up assessment and plan will be created closer to the end of the current two week period to determine the rest of the season.


The YCLA also sent out a statement to indicate that they will follow whatever the PIAA and local school districts decide to do.  As for the boys season opening weekend on March 28/29...I will have to get back to you on that as this weekend falls within the two week period of our district shutdown.


I asked the question about players practicing lacrosse on YSSD fields during this two week period...his response - "If individuals use the field that is fine, but it should not be any type of practice or game run by a coach.  This includes "voluntary" practices or player run practices.  The fields will not be closed, so if the individuals use the field, that is at their discretion, but it should not be an organized gathering."

Note - There are 4 bounce backs at the Turf Field.  Coach Corto has generously allowed us to use them if they are not being used.  Please take every care in using them and place them back the way you found them.  (ie - if they are folded and lying flat on the ground - please put it that way when you leave)!

If there are any updates to this plan, I will be sure to let you know.  I know this is a HUGE disappointment for all of us.  We have all worked very hard to get us to where we are, and we're all anxious to start the season.  During these two weeks, I encourage players to keep their sticks handy and go outside pass back and forth or visit the Turf field as much as possible.  

We all know how fast two weeks can go...so let's stay safe and healthy...and ready to jump back into the season when the end of March gets here.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you all in two weeks!

Lori Rudy - YSLC President

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